incandescent vs CFL vs LED lamp

Incandescent Lamp vs. CFL vs. LED

Old incandescent lamps are, undoubtedly, getting obsolete. Not long ago, CFLs started replacing incandescent lamps rapidly. But, soon after, LEDs are becoming famous nowadays. All these types of lamps, even incandescent lamps, are used today to brighten our homes, offices, streets and many more. This article compares between these three types of lamps and helps […]

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incandescent lamp construction and working

Old Light Bulbs aka Incandescent Lamps

Around 1880, many research experiments were being conducted for the development of a constant electric light bulb. Thomas Edison had acquired a US patent for “an electric lamp using carbonized filament” which could last for up to 1200 hours. Though they had developed an electric light bulb (incandescent lamp), they could not sell the bulbs […]

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